SB-5608 (1.3)
Input : 8x HDMI
Output : 2x HDMI
  • Introduction
  • Features
  • Specifications
  • The SB-5608 is a competitive, high performance switcher designed for HDMI™ signal, Support Digital Video TMDS format and Digital Audio via HDMI™ connectors. Providing 8 inputs and 1 output. The Switcher support data rate up to 2.25Gbps. Also control any one of the 8 inputs to 1 output via press the selection buttons on the front panel.Control by selection buttons on the front panel, IR Remote controller and RS-232 via a PC. This product is certified, and fully HDMI™ and HDCP compliant. The product approved the CE & FCC compliants. Support high resolution 1080p quality HDMI™ sources to a HDMI™ display, Monitor or Projector.
  • 01. Support 8x2 HDMI Switcher
    02. Input: 8x HDMI
    03. Output: 2x HDMI
    04. Support HDMI Max Data Rate – 2.25Gbps
    05. HDTV Compatible and HDCP compliant
    06. Control by press buttons on the real panel
    07. RS-232 serial port interface on the rear panel
    08. IR transceiver on the front panel
    09. Input status with LED display 
  • Type of Switcher 8x2 HDMI Switcher          
    Type of Signal TMDS Digital Video PCM Digital Audio
    Compliant with HDMI standard HDMI and HDCP
    HDTV Support 1080p HDMI formats and UXGA 1600x1200 
    Data Rates 250Mbps to 2.25 Gbps
    Pixel clocks 25MHz to 225 MHz
    HDMI Cable Distance 15 meters at 2.25Gbps
    Infrared frequency 38KHz
    Controls RS-232, IR, Select buttons on the front panel
    Safety Approvals CE, FCC, VCCI, REACH, Erp, WEEE
    Dimension (WxDxH) 17.41" x 7.87" x1.74" (442mm x 200mm x 44mm)
    Weight 2.45 Kg / 5.4lb
    Power Supply DC 12V / 2A Max
    Use Universal Switch Type50/60Hz,100~240VAC